You won’t believe these insane odds for Starladder i-League StarSeries Season 3

Starladder is kicking off another Season playoff February 23-26, and you can expect three days of ludicrous Dota 2. Starladder will have 8 of the most competitive teams in the Dota 2 eSports scene right now including OG, Secret, and Team Liquid.

This, of course, offers an excellent opportunity to place some real money bets on Dota 2 eSports and raking in some cash. You’ll find our low-risk and high payout odds just below!

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Be on the money with our hand-picked odds

Starladder StarSeries Season 3 is providing us a very interesting combination of teams for this event making it an excellent choice for new and veteran bettors. Below we’ve listed our low-risk/high payout odds.

Digital Chaos

Odds: Betway 13.00 |  Unibet 13.00

Digital Chaos have shown impressive performance in the recent months and has a very talented roster. Recently they won ESL One Genting 2017. Despite this, they have some insanely high odds meaning you can get a huge payout with a smaller bet.


Odds: Betway 2.75 | Unibet 2.50

OG are the clear favorites for this tournament, and that’s no surprise with their recent win at the Boston Major. To make things easier for OG, their biggest rival Evil Geniuses are not attending the tournament.

While not the highest paying odds this is by far the safest one to bet on when it comes to winning the entire tournament.

Team Liquid

Odds: Betway 5.50 | Unibet 4.50

This team composed of several star players has won several qualifiers showing the huge potential that this roster has. There’s no telling just how Team Liquid will perform at Starladder since it’s their first LAN tournament on the new 7.00 patch. If their recent performance is anything to go by, we can easily expect them in the semi-finals.

Wings Gaming

Odds: Betway 4.50 | Unibet 4.50

The current champions of the Aegis haven’t played in quite a while, and their recent results have not been very pretty. We still haven’t seen much of Wings on the latest patch, and they could potentially cause an upset. While we don’t expect them to win the tournament, we do see them making it out of their groups.

Dota 2 best Odds

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Seven days of world class Dota 2 at Boston Major 2016


This 3rd December the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the newest season begins. You’ll get to see the absolute best Dota 2 teams battle it out over seven days. The prize pool for the Dota 2 Boston Major will be $3,000,000!

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If you are a Dota 2 fan, you are probably familiar with the major format, but this one is slightly different from previous ones. This time Valve has opted for a single-elimination bracket adding some extra tension. That means any team losing in the playoffs will be out permanently, no second chances.

There are some clear favorites attending this major like Evil Geniuses and Wings Gaming along with plenty of upcoming teams. Results have varied heavily across the teams, and there will most definitely be upsets.

While Wings may be seen as the clear favorites by many they will be going up against som tough competition. With teams like EHOME, Evil Geniuses, OG and VP standing in their way it certainly won’t be easy.

A lot of eyes will be on Digital Chaos this tournament as people will want to see if they are capable of repeating their insane TI6 run earlier this season.

We strongly recommend that you look up the results for the ongoing tournament The Summit 6. Almost every team there is attending the Boston Major, and it’s the final tournament before it.

Needless to say this major will provide some of the most intense Dota 2 matches yet with so many capable teams attending.

For Dota 2 Boston Major betting we recommend Betway who will be providing Dota 2 Boston odds for every match. Betway have been long supporters of eSports and is the main sponsor of the eSports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Dota 2 best Odds



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TI6 Group Stage has Finished

The group stage of The International 6 has come to an end. Some sensational upsets did occur, like the rise of EHOME, who struggled in the wildcard contest, dominated Group B with 12 wins and only 2 losses. Literally, no one saw that coming. Another surprising result was Team Liquid who didn’t manage to make it to the upper bracket. Since Liquid were considered one of the favorites coming into the biggest eSports event in the world.

Also, the all Swedish team Alliance, the winners of the very first The International fought their way through to the upper bracket. Will the Swedish giants prevail and claim another title? It will be tough as hell but surely fun for the nostalgic Dota 2 fans. It’s amazing how the prize pool of TI keeps growing each year. A huge part of the pool is funded by the Dota 2 community, it’s amazing seeing the fans passion for the game.

eSports overall is growing each year. Dota 2, CSGO, League of Legends, and Hearthstone have already established as prominent eSports with tons of tournaments and leagues being played annually. And more eSports games are on the rise, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch being two of them. In the future we will most likely see eSports on TV more frequently, we’ll also see commercials promoting eSports betting sites. It will most certainly be a billion-dollar industry within only a few years from now.

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Will TI 2016 be the year of upsets? Here are the best odds

ti 6 betting unibet

The start of gigantic Dota 2 tournament The International 2016 (TI 2016) is just around the corner. Sixteen of the best teams in the world will battle it out in a double-elimination format over six days, August 8th to August 13th. Online sportsbook Unibet has boosted their odds due to this super event taking place in Seattle. This year’s prize pool has broken new records and is currently at staggering $18,339,118. Which team do you have winning?

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Unibet is a known sportsbook worldwide and is nowadays also providing their players with daily eSports odds. Wager on eSports such as Dota 2, League of Legends, CSGO and Starcraft 2. The International 2016 will be fully covered at Unibet with some of the best odds on the market. Dota 2 team OG is favorites to win the entire tournament, they have managed to get a lot of wins in their bag for the last couple of months. A bet on OG as TI 2016 winners will get your 3.25 times the money.

If you ever get bored of betting on eSports (if that’s even possible?) Unibet also has an awesome Casino to try your luck on. They also have Live Casino, Games, Bingo and Poker available to keep their players busy and entertained.



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Dota 2 The Manila Major 2016 Betting Information

Manila Major Betting

The Manila Major 2016 kicks off June 3rd with 16 of the best teams in the world competing for $3,000,000. The huge prize money isn’t the only thing on the line, a potential invite to The International 6 is at stake. A top eight finish could mean a direct invite to TI6. For this major Valve opted for 12 invites instead of the regular 8.

The major will have the same format as previous ones with teams being split into four groups with four teams in each. All matches are best of 3 with double elimination bracket. Top two teams from each group advance to the upper bracket of playoffs, while the rest advance to lower bracket. The first two rounds of the lower bracket are best of 1 with the rest being Best of 3 until the grand finals which is a best of 5.

We recommend keeping your eye on Team Liquid, OG, Newbee. These three teams have performed very well recently and could win the major. Another team to look out for is Team Secret who won the last major. They have had played poorly since then after switching out two players, but knowing Team Secret they will try and bring out their absolute best for the majors.


Group A: OG, Team Empire, Newbee, Complexity

Group B: Wings Gaming, Digital Chaos, Team Secret, Natus Vincere

Group C: Team Liquid, Alliance, Vici Gaming Reborn, Fnatic

Group D: Evil Geniuses, Mineski, MVP Phoenix, LGD Gaming

OG and Newbee should both top Group A, neither Complexity nor Team Empire have shown that they are capable of beating either of these teams.

For Group D we expect Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming to be in the top two. Mineski is a team from SEA qualifiers with no recent results internationally and MVP Phoenix have been showing decent results earlier this month, but against weaker teams that aren’t attending this major.

Betting on The Manila Major 2016

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If you’re new to Dota 2 and want to learn more about the game or esports betting in general we can recommend this Dota 2 betting guide. It covers everything you need to know in order to start betting real money on Dota 2.

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