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This game is at its peak of popularity today. Thousands of punters worldwide dream of taking part in DOTA 2 tournaments. The names of the top teams are widely known. Dota 2 fans support their team, place bets in the best tournament events, and earn good prizes.

For now, Dota 2 occupies the top line at the sports betting ratio. Such competitions are held in domestic and international arenas, bettors earn big money on betting in Dota 2. Do you want to join Dota 2 community? Then start with learning its features, betting options, gaming stages, etc. Keep on reading to discover more details.

Features of Dota 2 betting

The legendary multiplayer game Dota 2 was released in 2013. And still, it is the most played game among bettors. Dota 2 was made by the Valve company. It is one of the three coolest MOBA games of our time.

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The gaming flow is pretty simple. There is a map with two fortresses that are connected by roads, and the main task of the Dota 2 players is to ruin the opponent’s fortress. In total, 10 gamblers take part in the match (5 punters for each squad). Before the game starts, players choose a character for whom they will play in that match. The key point is that each character got its special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. For an accurate forecast, it is better to learn all their features in advance.

Throughout the gaming session, punters mine gold to purchase various items and artifacts. Often it is the correct purchase of an item that plays a decisive role in the outcome of the match. However, the right tactics and strategies can turn the tide of the game.

Dota is an abbreviation that stands for Defense Of The Ancient. The plot of the game is that the punters protect the ancient or as it is also called the throne. Each player chooses a certain hero to manage during the round. There are a total of 2,116 heroes in Dota. Besides, there are also 4 allies. They help players reach the goal and win. For this, your hero must save the ancient one and destroy the opponent’s throne.

Anyone can play Dota 2 today. The game is available in paid and free modes. To do this, you just need to install Steam, add Dota 2 to your library, and download it to your PC.

To bet on Dota 2 events, you all the more need to know the betting rules and options.

Match Format

This multiplayer game comes with different match formats. The most common ones are BO1 (best of one), BO2, BO3, and BO5. So, if you choose the best game for betting out of the three rounds, then it will be a bet on BO3. How do you clear that? It’s simple, to win the BO3 match, your team will have to win two games out of three.

  • Best of 1. They name it – chilling and such dangerous BO1 matches! Such a betting mode focuses on BO1 battles. Those rounds are considered the riskiest as they are almost impossible to predict. Only bettors with experience can correctly calculate a profitable bet to win and earn on Best of 1. The thing is that in BO1 battles, even a weak team can suddenly take over the game and reach the top point. And so, a strong opponent may not defeat a weak one. Betting on such a match is hard to predict. Anyway, this is the key mode for Dota 2 betting. At least because of its high speed to get a refund.
  • Best of 2. In Dota 2, all matches are played up to a certain number of wins. The Best of 2 is won by the team that has been in the lead twice. Also, a draw final is possible here. Therefore, not all experienced bettors prefer betting on Best of 2.
  • Best of 3. One of the most wanted formats in the basic Dota 2 tournaments is BO3. Most bettors choose that option. To predict the outcome of a game event is pretty easy here, and so there are more odds for you to earn cash.
  • Best of 5. The best format for betting Dota 2, that is ideal for a grand final tournament. This is the last match, and, of course, you will get, which team can win, because you have the strongest ones before you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have reached the final point, right?! You only need to learn the top teams in-depth, how high their potential is. If you have known all this, you can make the right bet.

Differences in Betting Rules

There are certain rules in the entire online betting; the same things are in Dota 2. Before you start betting on a favorite, take a look at those wagering rules and odds.

The probability that the event will happen is shown in the coefficients. The lower the coefficient, the greater the chances of achieving the outcome but also the lower number of winnings. The higher the coefficient, the fewer chances but if successful, the bettor will get a bigger reward. This can be shown by the formula: Win=Bet x Coefficient, where the winning of the bet directly depends on the value of the coefficient.

General types of bets in Dota 2:

  • Handicap – is a type of bet in which the handicap value is added to the score of the meeting. The outcome of the battle is determined by the summation result.
  • Race To 10 Kills – is a betting option on the players, who will be the first to make 10 frags on the map.
  • First Blood – is a bet on the team that kills first on the map. The bet is conducted until the first account change, the first murder. In this form, denying rates are not taken into account.
  • Destroy First Tower – a wager on the team that destroys the tower first. If the tower is destroyed by an ally, it means that the team has lost it.
  • Kill First Roshan – is a type of wager, when the team that destroyed the first Roshan wins.
  • Destroy The First Barracks – the team that managed to destroy at least one creep barracks wins.
  • Odd/Even – a bet like in roulette. It’s meaning: even or odd sum of frags at the end of the map.
  • 1X2 – a wager on the team that won on the map or in a series of battles.
  • Godlike – a bet on the outcome of whether a streak of 9 Godlike kills will be achieved by any punter.
  • Mega creeps – is a type of bet that will win if one of the teams loses all the barracks in three directions.
  • Divine Rapier – the bet wins if the hero purchases a Rapier in a certain battle.

Dota 2 Match Stages

The Dota round comes with several stages. The reference points look like this:

  • Draft. Among the game modes in Dota 2 there is a Draft. At that point, the game team must choose the main characters before their opponent does.
  • Laning. This stage takes about 20 minutes. It’s about Dota 2 map features. You should remind, it consists of three special lanes: top, middle, and bottom. The original description for all of them is: Easy Lane – Carry or Support activities Midlane direction – midlaner Off Lane option – offlaner, Support, or roamer While playing Dota 2 there are different situations may occur. For example, one of the heroes stays in the forest for a long time, and the 4th position can be on the lane along with the carry and the 5th position makes a triple lane.
  • Mid-game. This is a stage when the heroes receive the needing slots in which they can take part in fights, destroy buildings, etc. That stage starts right in the middle of the gaming session. The heroes of the 2nd position (miders) are at the top of their strength in this stage. Their purpose is to capture the advantage on the map, demolish buildings, and manage Roshan.
  • Late game. When the time has come and the late game stage begins each self-respecting core gets none less than 3 slots. Fights at this gaming point are so much important; every battle can change the outcome of the entire round. At this stage, Roshan is a key object that, with equal value levels, allows the game team to get to the hill of opponents.

How to bet on Dota 2?

There is no 100% guaranteed method on how to earn on betting in Dota 2. However, a reasonable approach to the game can reduce the risk of loss due to a deliberate and informed choice of betting. To do this, it is necessary to perform a number of actions that will help to assess the current playing situation and analyze the updated information.

Here are some tips to help you win on Dota 2 betting more often:

  • Pick the most popular and famous Dota 2 events, for which there are a lot of news, broadcasts, and interviews. So, you will discover the most updated data about all these tournaments and current teams.
  • Find out the statistics of the previous Dota 2 matches. Learn it well and analyze it carefully. Also, you can study the statistics of the most important personal meetings.
  • Providers are constantly launching new patches for heroes. Study them, as it will help you understand the new characteristics of heroes, items, etc.
  • Open the team’s internet platform or social media to learn some exciting details about what is happening inside that particular gaming group.
  • Right before the game match, discover the team composition. The list of players greatly affects the game and the inner spirit of the team.
  • If you have a chance, watch out for the past games of the team you are going to bet on. This can be an additional privilege for you, which will help you achieve success.
  • Ensure the quality of the Internet connection from the punters if the game is online.

Pre-match betting

Pre-match betting means when you are placing wagers before the Dota 2 round started. For example, if an event starts at 17:00 and you make a bet at 15:30 that is a pre-match option.

That type of betting is quieter and more suitable for newbies. There is less risk and more time to think about your decision well. After thoughtful learning of the information on the upcoming tournament and its analysis, you still need to wait for the start. All these delays restrain the gambling ardor. And so, you will make decisions more carefully.

Strategies for pre-match betting:

  1. Pick the best bookmaker. Choosing the right bookmaker for you is crucial when you’re looking to place a wager on Dota 2. Once you find a reliable bookie for betting, you can then familiarize yourself with the operator’s site.
  2. Make a research. Additional research will lead to a better understanding of all the main points of Dota 2 (its gameplay, teams participating, and gaming strategies).
  3. Absolute winner. One of the main markets available on many betting sites for Dota 2 is the match-winner/direct winner. If you’re fancying your chances on backing your knowledge and wagering on who will win the match before the heroes have been picked, then this is a perfect solution for you.
  4. 1st blood. Depending on the bookie, some of them provide you an opportunity to place your Dota wagers on which player/team will get 1st blood in the match.

Live betting is our preferred option

Live betting means that you are placing your bets during the Dota 2 match. These wagers are more exciting and hot. They require fast decision-making, and often the result can be obtained almost instantly. New bettors are rarely able to handle such a gambling heat and so they lose pretty quickly. However, you can get up here very quickly if you are lucky today.

Before you start making live wagers in Dota 2, find out important definitions as mind games, hidden strategies, overrated opportunities.

Mind Games

Learn how to create cool mind games in the top Dota 2 matches and climb to the top of professional gamblers. To do this, you just need to define your personal style of play and choose the mind game methods that are suitable for you. This is the only way you can deceive your opponents and achieve success in Dota 2.

Such games require maximum preparation and a high skill level from the team. Players must be perfectly oriented on the terrain, know the map perfectly, be able to deliver an accurate last hit, think strategically, and act without regret and fear.

Mind games players use sophisticated methods to win. They use techniques for their heroes:

  1. Supports may juke a lot
  2. Carries are able to shine in the late game
  3. Offlaners can win even if they are in the place of an outsider

An example of a mental mind game: You can ensure your enemy that you are totally confused and hate your team but in fact, it’s all false things and part of your smart plan. Your opponents will feel too confident and will relax their vigilance. That’s where you suddenly step into the lane and create a huge team. Now you know that your mind games worked perfectly.

Hidden Strategies

There are some hidden strategies you should learn about before Dota 2 betting:

  1. Clarify your team’s strategy. Immediately after the start of the match, you will understand what game strategy each team has chosen. For example, some players prefer to attack without delay and strive to kill creeps to earn gold and experience.
  2. Check out various bookies’ live wagering options. Depending on the bookmaker, the odds and options for live bets can vary greatly. Therefore, choose for yourself the best platform with the highest coefficients.
  3. Connect to the live broadcast. Some platforms offer customers a free live streaming service, which means that any bettor can watch out for what is happening in live mode. Also, that option assumes for the player an opportunity to bet on in-game events, which is an excellent service provided by bookmakers.

Overrated opportunities

Make your bets wisely and don’t overestimate your chances. Below we offer you a list of what not to do if you decide to make money on Dota 2 betting.

  • Don’t bet too much. You should not place big bets on Dota 2 matches, especially if you are a beginner. There are too many instabilities, experiments, pitfalls. And there is no constancy.
  • Don’t be fooled by high odds. Current bookies coefficients represent the estimated probability. This is just the bookmaker’s assessment of what will happen. Do your best and calculate the probability of winning the team yourself, and then use the right stacking method to ensure that you do not lose the entire bankroll on a single wager.
  • Betting on emotions. If you have ever learnt about gambling psychology, surely you know that betting based on emotions, and personal feelings are not a good idea. Regardless of whether you abandon the stacking method due to a number of failures, wagering on your favorite squad without analyzing the odds will not bring you winning.

Strategies and favorite player characters

Depending on the chosen role in Dota 2, the strategy of the team depends. The most popular roles are:

  • Carry. This is the most favorite character among Dota 2 gamers. It’s a pleasure to play for Carry – if the gamer acts correctly, then with the help of Carry he will break the faces of all opponents in a second. Carry is also a pretty versatile character – you will have to hit what to purchase. Carry is the opposite of support. The beginning and middle of the game is like a marathon for Carry, as he has to not become stronger, denser, and faster than his opponent.
  • Mider. This is the most exciting role in Dota 2 from the point of view of the mechanics of the game. Especially in a situation where the team has the task of blocking the first wave of creeps and then approaching the battle in the middle lane. Here, the main purpose for players is to get many last hits. Common Mider heroes are Queen of Pain, Ember Spirit, a Dragon Knight, a Shadow Fiend, etc.
  • Hardlaner. If the player chooses this role, then in his zone of action – countering the opponent’s safelane, denying creeps, scaling to a semi core. The offlane is also named the hardlane, as here you play against the safelane lineup, with their best possible terms. Common offlane heroes are Windrunner, Bristleback, Axe, Mars, Underlord, and Centaur Warruner.
  • Semi-support. This position is the most diverse role in Dota 2 and can be a jungler, a roamer, or a semi-support. If the opposing team is strong enough, then it’s a great choice to pick a roamer and hunt for an early game advantage on the midline. If you are not sure in the skills of your carry, then it’s better to choose the semi-support hero to get more farm.
  • Full-support. Despite the fact that this role seems to be the least effective, full-support is no less important than all the other heroes. Very often, being at the highest level, team captains choose this role. The reason is simple and obvious: since full-support is less intense in terms of mechanics, it allows you to take a deeper look at the game and understand the whole picture and what needs to be done to succeed. Examples of common heroes of this role are Dazzle, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman, Rubick, and others.

Types of heroes in Dota 2 by attribute

Attributes in Dota 2 matches are the main mental and physical characteristics of each hero. They determine the strength and value of a character. Dota 2 comes with three basic attributes: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Each character receives a constant amount per level. The specific set is unique for each hero. Attributes determine the values of the following indicators:

  • Hit Points
  • Hit Point Regeneration
  • Mana Points
  • Mana Point Regeneration
  • Attack Speed
  • Armor


Intelligence increases maximum mana and mana regeneration. If Intelligence is the main attribute, it will also increase damage.
Every single point of Intelligence gives:
+12 Mana
+0.05 Mana Regen


Agility increases armor and attack speed. If Agility is the initial attribute, it will also increase damage.
Each point of Agility brings:
+0.16 Armor
+1 Attack Speed


Strength increases maximum health and physical regeneration. If Strength is the primary attribute, it will also increase damage.
Each point of Strength offers:
+20 Health
+0.1 HP Regen

Character Combinations and Counterpicks

The features of each character in DOTA 2 are impressive, to say the least. From the roles and weapons to the strategies and skills, there is so much to tackle in this team-based multiplayer game. Some say it could be too much to digest for the newbie gamer. But the truth is, the basics aren’t so hard to grasp.

All eyes on towers

Towers are the main line of defense for any squad, attacking all the enemies in their radius. All three faction lines are protected by 3 towers, and their ancient ones are defended by 2. The entire quantity of towers is 11. There are 4 diverse levels:

  • The first towers are situated at the end of every line;
  • The second towers take place in the middle;
  • The third towers are located on three elevations of every base;
  • The fourth towers are arranged in pairs before each ancient item.

Betting scheme to win the game

Here are some proven tips to increase your lucky odds:

  • Try out the Dota 2 gameplay by yourself to clear everything;
  • Follow all the latest Dota 2 news to pick up useful nuggets of information;
  • Learn as much as you can about the different types of Dota 2 wagers;
  • Place small wagers rather than one or two large bets;
  • Keep a close eye on your gaming budget and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Roshan’s Second Fall

Immortal Roshan, is the strongest neutral creep in Dota 2. He easily overcomes most of the heroes in battles.

When Roshan is killed, his roar is heard by all 10 punters, accompanied by a special soundtrack. In addition, a notification appears on the screen that informs about Roshan’s death and shows the team destroyed him.

If all neutral creeps are reborn at a fixed point in time, then Roshan will resurrect 8-11 minutes after his death. The time of resurrection is picked randomly. However, there is another difference from neutral creeps: the resurrection of Roshan cannot be prevented or postponed, even if any unit stands in Roshan’s place.

After Roshan dies for the second time, along with Aegis of the Immortal, Cheese drops out of him. This is a consumable item that can be sold (for 500 gold units) or transferred to another gambler. Only the first player who picked up the item can sell Cheese.